Our Philosophy

  • Create a Total Experience
    • Training that engages the body and mind
    • Teach Proven Curriculum
      • Motivational and goal oriented authentic training
      • Professional Instructors and Staff
        • Career KunTao Silat teachers focused on developing you to your maximum potential
        • Modern, progressive teaching methodology
          • A supportive, positive approach to personal development


Our philosophy is pretty simple—supply industry-leading martial arts instruction focused on real results and personally structured for each individual student.

Through trial, and yes error, we have relentlessly worked to supply our students (and their families) with the best possible martial arts education. Our ability to supply industry leading facilities, skilled career instructors and staff, proven curriculum, and progressive teaching methods sets us apart from other martial art schools.

We focus on self-defense. But our view is more inclusive. The old masters trained to defend themselves against violent attackers. And we believe no martial art is prepares you to handle the unexpected better than KunTao Silat at Studio Gurada Martial Arts. However there are other enemies we face in life that are relentless and stalk you as efficiently as a tiger in the grass. The dangers of stress, injury, disease and age. KunTao Silat training at Garuda studios prepares you to handle ALL life throws at you through our unique holistic training methods.

We encourage students to focus on three key things. One – Be Patient. To truly experience the rewards of martial arts training it takes time. So, be patient, especially during the first three to four months of training. Two – Try. It sounds obvious, but students need to work hard, attend class regularly and the results will follow. Three – Have Fun. Enjoy classes, make new friends, ask plenty of questions and enjoy the learning process. It’s that simple...but...will not always be that easy!


Master ‘Mas’ Judt founded Garuda Studios after realizing that KunTao Silat offered something unique that his community could truly benefit from. Master Judt started his martial arts career in 1979 and quickly became dedicated to finding the lost keys to the skill of the old masters. He collected teaching certificates in a number of arts, including Judo, Kali-Escrima, Southern Short-hand kung fu, and Combat Shuai Chiao. But it was the art of KunTao Silat deThouars that answered the questions he was asking. This spirit of inquiry combined with a drive to be the best infuses the attitude of Garuda Martial Arts – a place to become the best you possible.

For decades, master Judt has been active in both combat sports and martial arts. He loves them all. He even won an international middleweight title in San Da (Chinese free-style including punch, kicks, elbow, knees, head-butts and throws) in 1989. But it was watching the people around him at work that caused him to offer these teachings to the public. He saw the stress, tension and illness of others working in the high stress business. He saw the fear in peoples eyes when faced with the unknown, or simply going into a car park alone at night.

We focus on supplying a positive, safe, yet challenging martial art and fitness environment for all of our members, and it’s our members that have ultimately made Studio Garuda Martial Arts what it is today—the leading center to study martial arts in the area. Remember that we've made it easy to try Garuda Martial Arts...get started with your Free Trial today and discover the benefits at Studio Garuda Martial Arts and Human Performance.

About The Owner

Guru Mas Judt started training in martial arts in 1979. In addition to being a recognized master instructor of KunTao Silat, he is also is a practice leader in DIFF (a Dutch Indonesian Pukulan Style), holds a fifth degree black belt in Chang Shia arts (Combat Shuai Chiao, Chang Style Taijiquan, Chang’s Xing Jing), a fourth degree black belt in Kwon Bop (A brawling style from what is now North Korea), a first degree black belt in Judo, Guro Lakan in Kali/Escrima and the title of Sifu in the Moy family art of Wu Dip Sau plus a few more instructor titles. He holds a middle-weight San Da championship title from the Taiwan Police College Invitational held in Atlanta GA in 1989. While he won many more competitions in his Combat Sport days, he treated these victories as a training exercise, and often gave his trophies to some unhappy child in the crowd who did not perform so well. He has been featured multiple times in Inside Kung Fu magazine and is well known among high level martial artists in the US and abroad, Known for his relaxed teaching style and ability to focus on what individual students really need, Guru Judt can often be found teaching seminars around the country on martial arts, self defense and Qi Gong.

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