Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

Our Groundbreaking Curriculum is unlike anything you will find at a typical martial arts studio. 
  • Once only for the chosen few. Real old world martial skills shared openly.
  • Friendly atmosphere
    • These are village and family arts. So the atmosphere is friendly and inclusive – never militaristic.
    • Private Lessons at Group Rates
      • Learn 7-17 times faster than group rates alone.

The key in choosing a martial arts school is finding one that can motivate students to actually stick with it—martial arts are not quick or easy. We believe that convenience, professionalism, flexibility of memberships, proven curriculum, and atmosphere are crucial elements in supplying this motivation.

The most difficult thing when getting started in martial arts is taking the first step. We’ve worked to make this incredibly easy and very educational. Many schools will offer a free class or two, perhaps a free week and then expect you to sign up for a lengthy membership. We don’t believe that is enough time to get to know a school, the instructors, and staff. We’ve discovered that at least a month of trial time offers the perfect amount of time. Our Free Trial offers the perfect no-obligation way to try Studio Garuda Martial Arts—we’ll work with you to identify good days and times from our convenient class schedule.

We focus heavily on our scheduling and work to supply convenient options while still maintaining a productive instructional environment. We’ve also tried to make our membership options equally convenient. While many schools offer only long-term annual memberships Garuda Martial Arts offers both annual (which offer savings) and month-to-month options that allow you to cancel at any time—we believe that much in our programs.

Our core offerings of traditional KunTao Silat classes for adults, families, and children are goal oriented and motivational. Join us for classes and discover the benefits of study with Garuda Studio In addition to our traditional KunTao Silat programs we have developed specialized, martial art based, Qi Gong programs for older adults. Similar to yoga, but accessible to people with movement challenges, these programs revitalize you and bring back youthful vigor. These programs are specially designed to turn the clock back.

It’s our members who often tell us that, among other things, the atmosphere at Studio Garuda Martial Arts distinguishes us from others. We believe in supplying members a professional, inviting, and friendly atmosphere—a place where students and families feel at home. Although we honor martial art traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and constantly seek new and innovative ways to teach and service our members.

Why Study KunTao Silat? Time is short for us and for our children. Why make time and sacrifice to study any martial art, especially KunTao Silat?

Not for you? Actually, KunTao Silat may not be for you. If you"re interested only in toning up and looking good, then join a gym, buy some barbells, and stop eating when you"re full. Although KunTao Silat will put you in top physical condition, that is not its central point. If you"re interested in blood sport, in learning how to bludgeon someone senseless so that you can feel good about yourself, KunTao Silat is also not for you. Although KunTao Silat will teach you how to confront violence, it does not delight in causing pain. So, then, why? Why study KunTao Silat? It is to CONQUER YOURSELF.

Surrender your fears. We are all filled with fears. We knew them as children. Fear of others, of falling, of hurting, of monsters, of the dark. As adults, our fears don"t disappear; they just transform. But since we can"t admit them, they become hidden and repressed. But the fears, they lurk not in the dark, but in the darkness. And like invisible cages, fears trap us in bad relationships, bad situations, in inertia and malaise. In this state, we don"t live everyday: instead, we die a little everyday.

Secure your birthright. As human beings, freedom is our birthright. But freedom is threatened by fear. To defeat fear, we need self-confidence. But not the kind promised on television, by charlatans pitching self-esteem in a bottle or a book. True self-confidence does not come from simply telling ourselves that we are great, having fawning parents tell us that we"re special, having sycophants lavish us with compliments. This simply creates deluded individuals, who believe that they deserve everything notwithstanding their essential incompetence. And even they know deep inside that they are frauds. True self-confidence, leading to freedom, can only be earned through relentless physical training under the guidance of an ethical tradition. By doing what we swore we could never do, we become living proof of the possibility of self-transformation. And through these lessons, earned piecemeal in the currency of tears and sweat, we cut through self-doubt to earn our confidence, our freedom, our birthright.

Lead all others. And if you should become one of the few, the one in thousands who achieves a Black Sash, you will have become a leader. The world is desperate for leadership. By nature, we are weak. We succumb to the coercion of others or the seduction of shiny baubles. When crisis comes, we are desperate for a hero. That hero must bear the weight of thousands. But only after conquering the self can one become that hero, the one to lead all others. The strength immanent from such a person is unmistakable. Others naturally follow.

Become. Why? Why study KunTao Silat? The physical training is only the first step. The Kendang, the hallowed ground of timeless tradition is only the crucible. You study Kunao Silat to become. To become fully human, surrendering your fears, securing your birthright of freedom, and flourishing into one who commands without having to speak a word. That is why you study KunTao Silat. By force of will, you conquer yourself. In so doing, you become a flowering exemplar of humanity.

This is KunTao Silat’s challenge. Be a Hero. Is it your calling?


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